Thank you for your interest in our services.  With unmatched service levels, a simplified straight forward fee structure and guaranteed fees, homeowners find our products and services refreshingly simple in an already complicated process.


When refinancing a mortgage loan, AMCSS will be happy to provide a rate quote for your title insurance and closing costs.  Your quote will be provided in the form of a HUD-1 settlement statement making it easy for you to compare our fees to other quotes you may receive.  Please note that the fees you will see will be ALL of our fees and are GUARANTEED. *  There are no other hidden charges such as express fees, notary fees, doc prep fees, etc., that most other title companies typically charge and if you have an existing mortgage on your home we will always offer you a reissue rate, which is a significantly reduced rate from the basic rate.


When it comes time to close your loan, we will send an experienced signing agent to your location of choice to sign, witness and notarize your loan documents with you (available in most areas).  98% of the consumers that respond to our quality control survey rate their overall signing experience as “excellent”.


Should you have any questions on our services or if we can provide a competitive fee quote, please e-mail us at


Thank you for your interest in our services, we look forward to meeting your title insurance needs in a cost effective, customer friendly manner.

*  Only changes to your loan amount from the time of our original quote will result in a change to the title insurance premium.